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Daily Dump Metal Leaf Composter 32" Dia

M.R.P. : 8,000.00

  • Brand: Daily Dump

  • Country of origin : India
  • Falling leaves are not a nuisance or an eyesore as our elegant Metal Mesh leaf composters convert the leaves into compost and add character to your garden. Bring style to resource recovery!

    Leaf composters are a great place to begin composting, if you haven't already, because they don't need much maintenance. Just add all your leaves and garden litter into the composter and water it daily. If you add accelerator daily, you will get your first harvest in 4 months. (Diluted cow dung, microbes, EM are all great accelerators). The design of the product allows for easy harvesting. A large landscape with many types of trees will need many of these to ensure that no garden clippings and leaves leave the site. Yes you can add branches and palms, make sure you cut them down to size. Gardeners value leaf compost highly for use in lawns, so please do compost your dried leaves, do not burn them and do not cart them to landfill.

    This Leaf Composter is 54 inches high from the ground


    • Keep the composter in a place where it will not sink into soft ground.

    • Ideally mount it on concrete brick and cement it to the ground.

    • Paint the metal composter once a year with synthetic enamel paint to extend the life of the product.

    • Store done compost in aerated containers and keep moist.

  • Product Code: GSMLC002
Key Features
  • Ideal for gardens with trees
  • Ideal for tree lined streets
  • Keep compressing the pile with a stick.
  • First harvest is after 4 months.

  • Material : Metal
    Package Include : 1 leaf Composter

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