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Eco Femme Special Edition Night Pad Twin Pack

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  • Brand: Eco Femme

  • Country of origin : India
  • The Eco Femme Night Pad Is Ideal For Nights, Heavy Flow Days And Postpartum Menstruation. Made Of 100% Cotton, These Pads Feature A Comfortable Soft Flannel Top Side, 7 Layers Of Absorbency, A Hidden Leakproof Layer And A Colourful Print Fabric Backing. Increased Length And Width At The Back Of The Pad Ensure Extra Protection From Leakage. Secures With Nickel-Free Press Studs. Lasts 5 Years Or More With Proper Care. All Packaging Is Recyclable. 


    • Handblock Printed & Naturally Dyed
    • 100% Organic Indian Cotton
    • Secures With Nickel-Free Press Studs.
    • Machine Or Hand Washable.
    • All Packaging Is Recyclable.
    • Chemical-Free


    • Soft & Comfortable
    • Cost Savings
    • Hygienic
    • Reusable

    How To Use 

    1. Wash Before The First Use.

    2. Wear Pad With The Plain Colour Fabric Facing Up And The Patterned Side Facing Your Underwear.

    3. Fasten The Buttons Around Your Underwear.

    4. Change The Pad As Frequently As You Need To Feel Comfortable.

    5. Soak In Cold Water With Soiled Side Facing Down For Min 30 Minutes (Avoid Hot Water To Avoid Staining)

    6. Wash By Hand, Rubbing The Fabric Against Itself (Do Not Brush), Or In The Washing Machine (Max 40 C) Along With Other Clothes Best Use Natural Soap.

    7. Pull Into Shape And Then Dry On The Clothesline, Best In Sunlight, Or In The Tumble Dryer On Low Heat.

    8. Carry Used Pads By Folding Inward As Shown And Store In A Clean, Dry Environment Such As The Eco Femme Carry Pouch.

    Care Instructions

    How To Clean Your Cloth Pads?

    1. After Each Use, Soak The Pads In A Small Pail Filled With Cold Water. When Two More Pads Are In The Pail, Throw Away The Water.

    2. Refill The Pail Again And Leave Them To Soak Overnight. This Way, About 70-80% Of The Blood Is Drained From The Cloth Pads.

    3. Next Morning Take The Pads Out From The Pail And Wring Them To Remove The Remaining Blood.

    Note: You Don'T Get Any Stinky Smell While Washing. Generally, The Smell Occurs Due To The Mixing Of Menstrual Blood With Disposable Sanitary Pads.

    4. Then The Cloth Pads Are Thrown Into The Washing Machine Along With Your Daily Wash. Then Dry It.

    5. To Remove The Old Strains, Wash Them 3 More Times When It Is Not In Use.

    Note: This Item Is Non-Returnable

  • Product Code: EF027
Key Features
  • Size: Length: 29 Cm ; Width (Button Fastened): 10.5 Cm/ 8 Cm ; Width (Wing To Wing); 17 Cm
  • 100% Organic Indian Cotton
  • Secures With Nickel-Free Press Studs. | All Packaging Is Recyclable
  • Machine Or Hand Washable | Chemical-Free

  • Width : 29.00 cm
    Height : 10.50 cm
    Weight : 50.00 gm

    Material : cotton
    Package Include : 2 Night Pads

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