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Esscent - Jasmine Premium Flower-Based Incense Sticks

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  • Brand: Esscent

  • Country of origin : India
  • Jasmine, With Its Sweet Scent, Is Known For Enlightening One'S Mood, Alleviating Stress And Also Preventing Infections. The Scent Of Esscent Jasmine All Around You Will Relieve Your Headache And Relax Your Work Muscles. Alongside, It Also Helps In Increasing Blood Oxygen Saturation, Breathing Rate And Blood Pressure Thus Leading To A Healthy Lifestyle. Each Esscent Jasmine Incense Stick Is Hand-Rolled By Our Specially-Abled And Rural Women, Upcycling Waste Flowers That Would Have Otherwise Been Dumped Into Rivers, And Is Soaked In Natural Essential Oils. We Commit To Presenting Before You Incense Sticks That Are 100% Eco-Friendly, Natural And Pure, Delivering You With The Best Quality Aromatic Experience.

    Every Box Contains 40 Sticks That Come With An Incense Holder. The Packaging Is Completely Eco-Friendly With Zero Plastic Usage.

    • Increase Calm And Focus
    • Reduce Stress And Anxiety
    • Aid Sleep And Fight Insomnia
    • Complement A Yoga Or Meditation Practice
    • Stimulate Creativity
    • Purify Your Space
    How To Use
    • Step 1: When You Want To Burn An Incense Stick, Hold It At The Thick End, And That Is The Tip That You Would Be Lighting Up. Therefore Pick The Stick That Is Thinner At The End.
    • Step 2: Now, All You Have To Do Is Light Up A Match, Hold The Coated End To The Flame, And Wait Until It Catches Fire.
    • Step 3: Now, Allow The Flame To Burn For 10 To 15 Seconds And The Flame Will Taper Off On Its Own, Or You Can Blow It On Your Own. Don’T Burn The Stick For A Long Time, As This Will Lead To A Wasted Stick Of Incense.
    • Step 4: Now Your Favourite Is Lit And All You Have To Do Is Place It In The Incense Holder. 
    Care Instructions
    • Please Ensure You Put The Incense On A Surface That Is Heat-Resistant, And No Flammable Items Like Curtains Or Books Are Near Where The Ashes Can Drop.
    • Do Not Touch The Tip Of The Incense Cone While It Is Burning.
    • Keep The Holder On A Heat Resistive Surface Before Use.
    • Do Not Burn Incense Near Windows Or In A Drafty Area.
    • Do Not Place The Burner Inside Closed Environments Like Closets, Wardrobes, Or Drawers.
    • Keep Out Of Reach From Pets, Children And Flammable Objects.

    About Esscent
    Devotion And Faith In Our Country Are Synonymous With This Practice Since Time Immemorial Which Is Evident From Our Generous Temple Offerings In The Form Of Roses, Marigolds And The Million Kinds Of Flowers. About 8 Tonnes Of Flowers Are Disposed Of In The Ganga Every Year And When These Generous Offerings Turn Into Colossal Waste, It Creates A Problem That Is Detrimental For Our Environment.
    Esscent By Arpan Aims To Revolutionize This Process Through The Production Of Premium Flower-Based Incense Sticks.
    Every Box Purchased From Esscent, Offers Empowerment And Livelihood To Underprivileged Women And Uplifts Specially-Abled People.

  • Product Code: ESS_IS_05
Key Features
  • Box Contains 40 Incense Sticks And An Incense Holder | Each Stick Is 22.86 Cm In Length And Comes With A Long Burning Time Of 40 - 45 Minutes.
  • 100% Natural Essential Oils | Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Upcycled Waste Flowers | Charcoal & Sulphur Free
  • Safe And Healthy 

  • Width : 22.60 cm
    Height : 1.00 cm
    Weight : 150.00 gm

    Material : Essential Oils,Upcycled Waste Flowers 
    Package Include : Box Contains 40 Incense Sticks And An Incense Holder

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