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GOLI SODA Upcycled Multicolor Newspaper Pencils (Pack of 5)

M.R.P. : 125.00

  • Brand: Goli Soda

  • Country of origin : India
  • The Most Common Protective Casing Around The Core Of A Pencil Is Made From Wood. Yet, The Use Of The Material At An Industrial Level Leads To The Unnecessary Cutting Of Trees Which, In Turn, Affects Natural Habitats And The Climate Adversely. Using Sustainable Alternatives Like Recycled Paper Helps Check This Process And Promotes The Significant Concepts Of Zero Waste And Reuse. Making This Easy Switch Now To Goli Soda'S Newspaper Pencils Will Help Us To Save Trees By Saving Wood. The Colour Newspaper Pencils Come With Different Taglines Such As "Join The Green Side," "Repurposers," "Hi! I Am Sustainable. What Are You?," "Do The Write Thing" And "Just A Bit Of Paperwork." 


    • Wood Free        
    • Upcycled        
    • Polymer Free
    • 100% Made Of Newspaper
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Locally Sourced
    • Made In India
    • Zero Waste Packaging


    • Easy To Use
    • Extra Dark Lead
    • Long-Lasting
    • Smooth Writing
    • Sharpens Easily

    Useful Tip:

    Use A Sharp Or New Sharpener To Sharpen These Pencils.

    About Goli Soda

    At Goli Soda, We Believe That We Can Enable Sustainable Changes To Your Consumption Without Affecting The Way You Live. With Very Minimal Alterations To Your Lifestyle And With Superior Product Satisfaction, We Help You Live Sustainably, Every Day. 
    Being Truly Sustainable Is About Examining The Entire Process Chain That Goes Into Each And Everything We, As Consumers, Buy. Goli Soda Is A Conscious Brand That Examines Who We Work With, Where Our Products Come From, How It Is Manufactured, What Goes Into The Product, How It Is Packaged And Even How It Will Be Recycled Or Discarded.  
    We Manufacture Products That Are Chemical-Free, Zero Waste, Natural And Contain Sustainably Sourced Ingredients. We Also Believe In Giving A Second Life To Most Non-Perishables And Focus On Upcycling And Repurposing Products To Reduce The Outflow Of Waste.
    At Goli Soda, We Are Providing Sustainable Careers To, Largely, Women-Led Businesses, Manufacturers, Designers And Brands, And Work Closely In Nurturing These Partnerships With Our Expertise In Various Marketplaces. Goli Soda Is A Community That Is Constantly Growing And Adding More Members To Its Tribe.

  • Product Code: GSP001-C
Key Features
  • Eco Friendly
  • Wood Free
  • Upcycled
  • Polymer Free

  • Width : 4.50 cm
    Height : 18.00 cm
    Weight : 50.00 gm

    Material : Newspaper
    Package Include : 5 Pencils

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