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OnEarth Bamboo Massage Roller

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  • Brand: ONEarth

  • Country of origin : India
  • Bamboo Massager Is An Ancient Indian Beauty & Wellness Tool To Gently Massage Your Face Muscles, Increase Micro-Circulation & Reduce Puffiness. The Rose Quartz Crystal Gives A Cool And Relaxing Effect. It Helps Promote Self-Love And Gives You Healthy Glowing Skin, Improving Overall Skin Tone.


    • Known To Increase Micro-Circulation
    • Known To Relax Facial Muscles
    • Enhances Absorption Of Skin Care Products 
    • Improves Skin Tone & Texture
    • 100% Authentic And Certified

    1. How Long Should You Use A Bamboo  Roller?

    A: On Totally Clean Skin, Gently Roll The Tool Over Your Skin For At Least 5-10 Minutes. Keep In Mind That You Don't Have To Press Hard. Just Let The Roller Glide Over Your Skin With Ease.

    2. How Can You Tell If A Amethyst  Is Real?

    A: There Should Not Be Bubbles. If You Examine Your Crystal Roller Up Close And Notice Small Air Bubbles, It Is Most Probably That Your Crystal Roller Is Made Of Glass, Not Authentic Quartz.

    Cool To The Touch.

  • Product Code: OEP509
Key Features
  • Glowing Skin
  • Improves Skin Tone & Texture
  • 100% Authentic And Certified
  • 100 % Natural And Eco-Friendly

  • Width : 3.00 cm
    Height : 1.00 cm
    Weight : 40.00 gm

    Material : Bamboo
    Package Include : Bamboo Massage Roller

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