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Onearth Bamboo Makeup Removing Wipes/ Nursing pads

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  • Brand: ONEarth

  • Country of origin : India
  • Bamboo Cotton

    10 Bamboo Terry Wipes/Box And A Cotton Mesh Bag For Machine Wash. 

    How Many Times Can I Reuse The Wipes?

    Upto 200 Times.

    How To Wash And Care For The Wipes?

    Once Used Simply Gather The Used Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads In The Cotton Mesh Bag. Then Wash Them In The Laundry Machine At 40C-60C.

    Are These Wet Wipes Or Dry Wipes?

    These Are Dry, Make-Up Removing Pads/Wipes. These Do Not Have Any Liquid In Them.

    Are Makeup Removing Wipes Good For Skin?

    These Are Very Gentle, So They Are Much Better For The Skin As Compared To Cotton Wipes.

    Are Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes Good?

    Yes, They Are Quite Effective And Value For Money Too.

    Are Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes Hygenic?

    Yes, And They Are Washable.

    Do These Makeup Removing Wipes Work For Sensitive Skin?

    These Are Especially Good For Sensitive Skin, Since Cotton Wipes Can Be Harsh.

    How Is The Performance Of Makeup Removing Wipes Vs Liquid?

    These Are Dry Wipes. These Do Not Have Liquid In Them. You Can Dip Them In Water Or Other Liquids For Better Cleaning If You Feel Necessary.

    What Is The Price Of Makeup Removing Wipes?

    These Are Very Good Value For Money.

    What Is The Material Of These Makeup Removing Wipes?

    Bamboo Cotton

    Onearth Basics: Why Choose Bamboo Cotton?

    1 Kg Cotton Takes 22,500 Litres Of Water To Produce! And The Cotton Used In Make Up Removing Wipes Is Use-And-Throw. That'S A Lot Of Water Wasted On Single-Use Products!

    Bamboo Cotton Is 70% Bamboo And 30% Organic Cotton. That Means 70% Less Water Wastage, And Less Exposure Of Your Skin To Harmful Fertilisers And Pesticides (That Go Into Making Of Inorganic Cotton).

  • Product Code: OEP016
Key Features
  • 100% Natural | Eco-Friendly
  • Upcycled
  • Wipes
  • Nursing pads

  • Size : 4
    Width : 4.00 cm
    Height : 1.00 cm
    Weight : 300.00 gm

    Material : bamboo
    Package Include : 1 Bamboo

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