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Qidhan Thavalakannan - Superfood For Diabetics - 1 Kg

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  • Brand: Qidhan

  • Country of origin : India
  • This Rare, Nearly Extinct Traditional Rice Variety Has Been Preserved By Passionate Farmers Following Zbnf Methods. Indigenous And Historically Popular, This Variety Of Palakkadan Matta Rice Is Most Often Used During Auspicious Occasions Due To Its Earthy Flavor And Softness. 

    Rich In Anti-Oxidants, High On Micro-Nutrients And Full Of Fibre Constituents, This Rice Is Known For Its Nourishing Properties. Parboiling In Copper Vessels With Firewood Helps In Retention Of Its Nutritional Value.

    • Controls Cholesterol
    • Powerful Anti-Oxidant
    • High In Vit B6, Micro-Nutrients & Fibre
    • High Iron & Zinc Content (Prevents Anaemia)
    • Decreases Risk Of Diabetes & Cancer
    • Aids Weight Loss

    Meal Ideas:

    A Popular Alternative For White Rice Among The Health Conscious, This Rice Can Be Used To Make A Wide Variety Of Dishes. From Starters To Desserts And Everything In-Between, Use This Specialty Rice To Cook Up Wholesome  Meals That Are Healthy For Your Family.

    Cooking Tips:

    One Wash Is Enough As The Rice Is Naturally Farmed. Too Much Washing Robs The Rice Of Its Bran. Soak The Rice For 30Mins To 1 Hour And Cook In The Same Water (1:2.5) In A Pressure Cooker Or The Traditional Way In An Open Vessel With Lid.

    • Cholesterol Control
    • Diabetic Friendly
    • Cancer Fighting. 

    Shelf Life: 365 Days From The Date Of Packing.

  • Product Code: QR3
Key Features
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant
  • High in Vit B6, Micro-Nutrients & Fibre
  • Diabetes Friendly Parboiled and Semi-Polished

  • Width : 6.00 cm
    Height : 11.00 cm
    Weight : 1,000.00 gm

    Material : Rice
    Package Include : 1 Kg Red Rice

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