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GOLI SODA Coconut Coir Scrub And Probiotic Baby Bottle & Dishwash Bar - Exclusive Combo

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  • Brand: Goli Soda

  • Country of origin : India
  • 1.GOLI SODA Coconut Coir Scrub 

    Coir Or Coconut Fiber Is A Coarse, Brown Material Obtained From The Husk Of A Coconut. Raw, Rough, Bristly Yet Pliant, It Is Resilient And Eco-Friendly At The Same Time. Using It Means Directly Taking From The Natural Environment Without Harming It And Making Use Of That Which Is Residual Too, Thus Encouraging The Idea Of Zero Waste. Biodegradable And Compostable, Coconut Fiber Is A Versatile, Sustainable And Traditional Alternative In The Fight Against Pollution And Climate Change! 

    Goli Soda'S Dishwashing Scrub Pads Are Made From 100% Coconut Fibers Bound Together With Non-Toxic Natural Adhesives. Lightweight And Odourless, It Has Great Wettability/Water-Holding Capacity While Still Maintaining Excellent Drainage And Aeration And Is, Therefore, An Efficient And Economical Alternative. It Is An Effective Scrub For Any Type Of Vessel Or Surface. It Is Also A Safe Option When One Considers The Slivers Of Toxic Material That Commonly Linger On Vessels When Using Metal Or Synthetic Variants.


    • 100% Natural
    • Biodegradable / Compostable
    • No Odour
    • Vegan
    • Chemical-Free
    • Plastic-Free
    • Hand Made
    • Locally Sourced
    • Made In India
    • Zero Waste Packaging


    • Comfortable Grip To Clean Better
    • Safest Scrub For All Kitchenware
    • Scratch-Free
    • Long-Lasting

    Care Instructions: 

    After Use, Wash With Water, Squeeze Gently, Lay It Flat And Store In A Dry Place.

    2. GOLI SODA Probiotic Baby Bottle & Dishwash Bar 

    Most Dishwashing Soap Available In The Market Contain Chemicals That Lead To Environmental Degradation And Water Pollution. They Use A Lot Of Water To Rinse Off And The Residue Of The Soap Left On Our Dishes Is Unsafe While We Accidently Ingest It. Goli Soda Brings To You The All Natural Probiotics Dish Wash Bar That Contains No Parabens, Phthalates, Additives, Preservatives And Synthetic Chemicals That Contribute To Pollution And Is A Sustainable Alternative That Positively Impacts Your Health And The Environment. The Probiotics In The Bar Also Treats The Water Ways And Reduce The Level Of Toxic Chemicals Dispelled From Your Drains. The Bar Cuts Through Grease Powerfully And Is Capable Of Removing Odours. It Disinfects And Is Also Gentle On Your Hands, Restoring The Natural Microflora. Healthy Probiotic Bacteria Used As Ingredients In It Help Freshen Smelly Sponges And Keep Your Drain Clean And Odour-Free.


    • With The Goodness Of Probiotics 
    • 100% Chemical-Free
    • 100% Non-Toxic 
    • All-Natural Ingredients
    • Vegan 
    • Not Tested On Animals
    • Palm Oil Free
    • Plastic Free & Zero Waste Packaging
    • Made In India
    • Locally Sourced Ingredients
    • Fair Trade
    • No Hidden Ingredients
    • Handmade
    • Does Not Contain Phthalates, Sls And Parabens
    • Travel Friendly


    • Removes Tough Grease Stains And Odours
    • Gentle On Your Hands
    • No Synthetic Fragrance
    • Long-Lasting


    Saponified Edible Coconut Oil, Purified And Structured Water With Probiotic Ceramic Rings, Probiotics, Vinegar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Neem Powder, Bentonite Powder, Lavender Certified Essential Oil, Lemon Certified Essential Oil

    How To Use

    1.  Get Your Goli Soda Coconut Coir Scrub Wet
    2.  Rub Scrub On The Bar 
    3.  Store In A Well Drained Place After Its Use.

    Safety Information

    Do Not Keep The Bar Very Wet Or In Water After Use.

    Note: This item is Non-Returnable

  • Product Code: GSSCBDW
Key Features
  • Free Of Paraben, Phthalates, Additives, Preservatives, Synthetic Chemicals And Palm Oil
  • 100% Natural & Eco-friendly
  • Scrub Dimension : 15 cm X 11cm X 1.5 cm , Pack Of 6 Scrub Pads
  • Scrub Material : Natural Coconut Coir And Rubber, color - Natural Brown

  • Width : 7.50 cm
    Height : 19.50 cm
    Weight : 125.00 gm

    Material : Ingredients: Saponify Edible Coconut Oil, Purified And Structured Water With Probiotic Ceramic Rings, White Vinegar, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Neem Powder, White Clay, Certified Lemon Essential Oil.
    Package Include : 1 Coconut Coir Scrub & 1 Probiotic baby Dishwash Bar

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