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Yami Herbals Under Eye Magic Serum

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  • Brand: Yami Herbals

  • Country of origin : India
  • Undereye Magic Serum is the best way to renew and firm the delicate skin that is around the eye. The skin around the eyes is more fragile, more prone to dryness, and quicker to show age and fatigue. Eye serums helps to nourish the skin, keep it moisturised & prevent dullness.


      • Aloevera Leaf Oil - contain properties that can help reduce eye inflammation and dryness
      • Pumpkin Oil - renews the skin through cellular regeneration and provides intensive repair treatment
      • Almond Oil - contains retinol, vitamin E, and vitamin K, which can keep the delicate skin under your eyes smooth without irritating it
      • Green Tea Oil - contains flavonoids & tannins that reduces under eye puffiness
      • Avocado Oil - Packed with essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, and phosphorus, it lightens and renews the cells around the eyes to reduce discoloration and nourishes under eye skin
      • Green Coffee Bean Extracts - Limits photodamage, decreases skin roughness and wrinkle formation, and reduces the appearance of crow's feet
      • Cucumber Extracts - have a tightening effect on the delicate skin around your eyes

      The Under Eye Magic Serum helps to

      1. Get rid of dark circles

      2. Work on under eye puffiness

      3. Treat fine lines & wrinkles around your eyes


      • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
      • CDiminishes fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes
      • Brightens up under eye skin
      • Soothes & reduces puffiness
      • Improves firmness
      • Lightens hyper pigmentation
      • Improves circulation

      How to use?

      1. After cleansing, take 1-2 drops of Yami Under Eye Serum in your ring finger

      2. Apply and massage your under eyes for a minute using gentle strokes

      3. Allow it to get absorbed & go to bed after 15 minutes

      4. For best results do not wash it off & leave it overnight

      Care Instruction:

      • Be very gentle while using the under eye serum.
      • Do not let the product into your eyes as it can cause irritation & redness in the eye.
      • Use minimal product only and don't over do it.

      About The Brand

      A Glimpse of what we are all about!

      Yami Herbals is a harmonious blend of values that resonate with the very heart of nature. We're not just a brand; we're a commitment to reliving the good old ancient practices.

      Our products are environment-safe; a testament to our dedication to preserving the world we share. Our products are baby-safe, gender-neutral, and gentle on water bodies. With absolutely no harmful chemicals, we provide the purest, most nurturing care for your skin. 

      Our creations are designed to be hypoallergenic, ensuring no unwelcome surprises like allergies or rashes. And rest assured, they're safe for every stage of life, even during pregnancy.

      What sets us apart is our unwavering faith in the power of nature itself. Our ingredients are sourced from the very heart of fruits, vegetables, and leaves, utilising the essence of all things pure and nourishing.

      Yami Herbals is not just a brand; it's a way of life that's gentle, natural, and in perfect harmony with the world around us.

    • Product Code: YMHES
    Key Features
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Brightens up under eye skin
  • Soothes & reduces puffiness

  • Width : 10.00 cm
    Height : 5.00 cm
    Weight : 10.00 gm

    Material : Aloevera Leaf Oil,Pumpkin Oil,Almond Oil,Green Tea Oil,Avocado Oil,Green Coffee Bean Extracts,Cucumber Extracts
    Package Include : Eye Magic Serum

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