About Us

Re-use, conscious living, upcycling... Every one of them is a chance to get creative. Especially when you think of how every piece of plastic ever made still exists today! When you can’t beat them, melt them, join them and repurpose them!

Goli Soda is a homogenous hub that showcases bold innovative designers and products, workshops for the community and evangelists, with a keen focus on positive impact – big and small. Our stores feature products that are fun, stylish, up-cycled, organic, environmentally-friendly, locally sourced and most importantly, that are aimed at making our lives better and safer.

At Goli Soda we’re constantly engaging with designers to discover products with great designs and quality that sometimes make you forget that they used to be something else!

If you have a product, or even an upcycling idea that you’d like to share, feel free to drop us a note anytime at