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Bombus Figs & Parrot-Kitchen Beeswax Bags Pack Of 3

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  • Brand: Bombus Beewraps

  • Country of origin : India
  • Bombus Beeswax Food Bags Are 100%
    Natural And Handmade Out Of Cotton, Pine Resins, Jojoba Oil, And
    Beeswax. Bombus Beewraps Are The Perfect Reusable Alternative To
    Single-Use Plastic Cling Wrap And Zip-Lock Bags. It'S Organic, Reusable
    & Compostable. The Materials Makes It Natural, Preservative-Free,
    Anti-Bacterial As Well Anti-Fungal. Keeps The Leafy Vegetables Fresh For
    Longer And Helps Your Veggies Breathe. You Can Store Everything From
    Fruit And Vegetables To Baked Goods And Leftovers In Our Reusable,
    Compostable Wraps.

    Why Bombus Beeswax Food Bags ?

    • 100% Natural And Handmade
    • Reusable
    • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
    • Plastic-Free & Zero Waste Packaging
    • Contains Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties


    • Easily Decomposable, Making It A Sustainable Alternative To Aluminum Foils.
    • Keeps The Leafy Vegetables Fresh For Longer And Helps Your Veggies Breathe.
    • Capable Of Increasing The Lifespan Of Food And Slows Down The Process Of Rotting.
    • Reusable For Almost A Year.
    • Easy To Use And Completely Spill-Proof.

    How To Use

    • Use Them To Cover Leftover Food Bowls, Leafy Vegetables, Fruits, And Dry Storage.
    • Carry Sandwiches, Rolls, Cut Fruits, And Salads For Lunch Packs.
    • Wrap Your Cheese Cubes, Bread, Half-Cut Fruits, Leftover Dough, And Cottage Cheese To Stay Fresh Longer

    Care Instructions

    • Do Not Machine Wash. Wash Them With Cold Water And Mild Soap Only.
    • Dry And Reuse Them Just As New.
    • They Cannot Be Used In Microwaves.
    • They Cannot Be Used To Cover Any Form Of Raw Meat.

    About The Brand

    Beewrap Is A Community Of Women Based Out Of New Delhi, Driving
    Sustainability And Change At Every Level Of Association In Our
    Ecosystem. Reducing The Reliance On Plastic Takes Time, And Every Effort
    We Make Counts. Bee’S Wrap Natural Food Wraps Can Make A Powerful
    Difference In Reducing Plastic Waste. Whether Your Food Storage Needs
    Are For On-The-Go Snacks, Family Dinners, Or Homemade Desserts, Our
    Organic Food Wrap Selection Is Made To Fit Your Lifestyle. In Their
    Efforts To Promote Sustainability, They Also Use Entirely Plastic-Free

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Key Features
  • Pack Of 3 | Dimension: 7*8,10*11*2.9,12*14*3.5 Inch | Completely Natural, Biodegradable And Reusable For 8-10 Months.
  • Beeswax And Jojoba Oil Have Anti Bacterial And Anti Microbial Properties Which Can Preserve Food And Let It Breathe Keeping It Fresh For Much Longer At Room Temperature Or Refrigerator. It Cannot Be Used For Hot Items Or Cannot Be Go In Microwave.
  • Food Wraps Can Be Used To Seal, Pack, Carry Or Store Any Dry Storage, Cut Fruits,Left Over Food Bowl Covers Or Sandwiches, Rolls And So On.It Sticks With The Warmth Of Your Hands And Can Be Moulded Into Any Form
  • They Can Be Washed, Dried And Reused Again And Are A Great Substitutes For Plastic Cling Film And Ziplocks.

  • Width : 22.00 cm
    Height : 17.00 cm
    Weight : 90.00 gm

    Material : Pure Cotton, Beeswax, Tree Resin, Jojoba Oil
    Package Include : Food Wraps Bags

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