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A Zero-Waste Childhood

A Zero-Waste Childhood
When I first started composting, I became intimately aware of the waste that was being generated at home. I began to notice the dump trucks with two men standing next to rotting, stinking garbage. I noticed cooked food being thrown away into large open bins and attracting flies and strays. I not...

Hoard, If You Must...

Hoard, If you must...
…Like my Usha Chitti*. On a recent trip with my family to her home in Pune, my mother’s younger sister brought out the red carpet and how. She did a fantastic job over-feeding us, traded oft-repeated family gossip and ladled customized hot beverages for patrons of the balcony. But where she shone wa...

The 9 (Eco-Friendly) Days Of Navaratri

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The 9 (Eco-Friendly) Days of Navaratri
On the first day of Navaratri My true love sent to meA cloth bag full of green veggies On the second day of NavaratriMy true love sent to meTwo betel leaves, andA cloth bag full of green veggies On the third day of Navaratri My true love sent to meThree gundu manjalTwo betel leaves andA c...

5 Steps Towards Cooling Your Home Efficiently

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5 Steps Towards Cooling Your Home Efficiently
Imagine that you are going away for the weekend. Like the conscientious energy auditor that you are, you check the reading on your electricity metre before you go. You come back to find out that someone has swallowed 50 units of power when there was no one at home. Who is the culprit? (If you left t...

Myths And Truths About Energy Efficiency At Home

Myths and Truths About Energy Efficiency at Home
A lot of our recent blog posts have focused on consumer goods – food, groceries, cleaning and personal hygiene products. A couple of weeks ago, however, I got into a very pleasant conversation with an energy conservation and renewable energy evangelist. He is likely to tell you that his name is Das,...

5 Incredibly Simple Ways To Reduce Food Waste

5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste
A writer recently paid a very rich tribute to his mother’s cooking skills. He called her a ‘real cook’. Though I rolled my eyes when I first read that sentence, I realised that he had a point. He had grown up in a home with resource constraints and saw his mother create delicious meals with what...

Making The Switch To Cloth Pads

Making The Switch To Cloth Pads
Sanjana is a smart, working mother of two. Three years ago she read about cloth menstrual pads and was impressed with how easy to use they seemed to be. She had been having trouble with disposable napkins because she developed rashes every month. When she read more about the disposable pads, she ...

3 Common Sense Travel Hacks That Make Travel Sustainable (and Our Parents Knew All About Them)

3 Common Sense Travel Hacks That Make Travel Sustainable (and our parents knew all about them)
I was taking an extremely circuitous route to a destination last weekend and I wondered for a minute about the simple things that could help me tread lightly on the environment in spite all the miles I was racking up. Most of these ideas are within our living memory – we have seen parents and grandp...

3 Steps To Sustainable Grocery Shopping

3 Steps to Sustainable Grocery Shopping
Mindful Living and Everyday ChoicesLife with a toddler severely constrains my grocery shopping expeditions. Instead of browsing through the store, looking for stuff I need and buying a number of things that I don’t, I now make a detailed and painstaking list each month. This labourious exercise has ...

5 Ways To Introduce Your Child To Your Garden And Composting

5 Ways to Introduce Your Child to Your Garden and Composting
Quick tips and ideas for getting little ones to participate in and explore the natural environmentAt some point, toddlers outgrow the phase where they want to lick, bite, chew, and taste everything. When your child reaches this point, she is all set for her introduction to your garden and composting...
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