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EVERY DROP COUNTS - 10 Simple Ways To Save Water

EVERY DROP COUNTS - 10 Simple Ways To Save Water
There is something very romantic about the Indian monsoons. It is the time we all wish to look out of the window and snuggle with a cup of hot tea and some crunchy pakodas. Monsoon is also the time for me where my heart is filled with a lot of love and the most beautiful songs start playing ...

Three Bits Of Important News And How They Can Inspire Changes In Our Lives

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Three Bits of Important News And How They Can Inspire Changes In Our Lives
Sometimes when I read about amazing people and their life’s work, or about desperate situations that seem beyond redemption, I wonder whether there is room for personal change. For example, when I saw about the doomsday list on BBC’s website about major urban centres that are about to run out of ...

To Straw Or Not To Straw

To Straw Or Not To Straw
A growing movement against disposable single-use plastics is now focussing on the ubiquitous usage of strawsThe first two months of the year have a quirky distinction. While January hosts the Drinking Straw Day in the first week to commemorate the patenting of the modern straw, the fourth Friday of ...

Confessions Of A (not So) Sustainable Parent

Confessions of a (not so) Sustainable Parent
When I was pregnant, I had a very clear idea about how I was going to raise my child. Those were probably my last moments of certainty as a parent.Before my son was born, I hadn’t accounted for the fact that I was giving birth to a living, kicking, idiosyncratic little tyke who, in turn, would ...

8 Easy New Year Resolutions For 2018

8 Easy New Year Resolutions for 2018
Make space in your list of resolutions because we have a set that you can adopt towards a greener, simpler, and more beautiful plane t.1.Carry your own bag: This is absolutely the easiest beginning for anyone who is looking to reduce waste generation. Plan your trips to the store and carry enou...

Meghalaya And Living Root Bridges – Lessons From The Cleanest Place In India

Meghalaya and Living Root Bridges – Lessons from the Cleanest Place in India
“Can we visit one of the living root bridges?” asked my aunt, before planning a visit to Guwahati.Tribes in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya that border Assam have been using the adventitious roots of the native Ficus plants to create organic, natural, zero-waste constructions that are now popularly kno...

5 Sustainable Gifts For The Holiday Season

5 Sustainable Gifts for the Holiday Season
1. Gift Vouchers: I know they are not the first thing that come to mind when you want to give your loved ones a thoughtful gift full of warm holiday wishes. And yet, two years after I received one, I think of a gift voucher as the nicest thing a friend has done for me. It was for a local luxury hote...

Express Shipping And Other Decisions For The Holiday Season

Express Shipping and Other Decisions for the Holiday Season
Online shopping is a reality of our lives and in many cases, it can even lower the carbon footprint of a shopping experience, especially when we buy from local stores and ask for minimal packaging.If 1000 people in a region travel to the stores individually and return home with their holiday pac...

The Traveller’s Guide To Cloth Pads

The Traveller’s Guide to Cloth Pads
One of the most frequently asked questions about cloth pads is whether they can be used during travel (especially on public transport) and about managing changes while working outside the home for most of the day. So, here’s the definitive guide to being a cloth pad user (and also simultaneously bei...
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