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Kandy Plant Buddy (Pack of 6)

M.R.P. : 900.00

  • Brand: Kandy

  • Country of origin : India
  • Made With Love For Plants, Plant Pal Is More Than Just A Simple Irrigation Product. It Is Going To Be Your Plant’S Best Staying Right Beside The Plant To Help It Grow By Taking Care Of The Most Basic Need, Water. Clay Is Porous. Through Its Tiny Pores, Water Seeps Through The Plant Pal To Make It Moist. The Moist Soil Helps The Roots Of The Plant Absorb Water. Designed To Accommodate Any Narrow-Necked Bottles, The Reuse Of Bottles Is An Additional Advantage That Benefits The Environment. Watering Is As Simple As Just Watching It. Yes, Once You Insert The Plant Pal With A Bottle, You Need Not Worry About Watering Them Frequently As It Waters The Plants Themselves. All You Need To Do Is Fill The Bottle Whenever Needed.

    Instructions To Use:

    1)Dig A Hole Beside Your Plant To Accommodate The Plant Pal, So That It Is Near The Roots Of The Plant.

    2)Insert The Plant Pal Deep Into The Soil Next To The Plant Such That 3/4th Of It Inside The Soil.

    3)Fill Any Water Bottle With A Narrow Neck And Place It Inside The Product Such That The Neck Goes Deep Inside.

    4)Keep A Watch On The Level Of Water In The Bottle And Replace It When It Is Empty.

    Note: The Permeability Of Plant Pal Depends On The Temperature And Humidity Of The Soil And The Surrounding Environment, As Well As The Volume Of The Bottled Water Inserted On It. It Is Recommended To Observe The Requirements Of The Plants Initially And Keep Suitable Bottles. It Is Recommended To Keep Smaller Bottles For Smaller Pots To Avoid Tipping The Pots.

  • Product Code: KPP001x6
Key Features
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 5 x 5 x 14 cm
  • Slow Irrigation for Plants
  • An average 1L bottle inserted over the Plant pal will take care of the plant for 6-7 days.
  • Sustainably Made

  • Width : 22.00 cm
    Height : 9.00 cm
    Weight : 700.00 gm

    Material : Red Clay
    Package Include : 6 Plant Buddies

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