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Arth Camphor(Kapur)

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  • Brand: Arth Cart

  • Country of origin : India
  • Camphor (Kapur) Is A White Crystalline Substance With A Strong, Pungent Aroma That Is Commonly Used In Hindu Puja Rituals. It Is Believed To Purify The Environment And Remove Negative Energies, Making It An Essential Component Of Many Religious Ceremonies And Rituals.

    Camphor(Kapur) Is Typically Burned On A Havan Ritual, Festival Or During Puja, Releasing Its Fragrance And Smoke Into The Air. The Act Of Burning Camphor Symbolizes The Offering Of One’S Desires And Problems To The Divine, And The Purifying Smoke Is Thought To Carry Those Offerings To The Gods. Camphor Is Also Used In The Preparation Of Aarti (A Ceremonial Offering Of Light) And The Creation Of Sacred Spaces. Whether Used As An Offering Or For Its Purifying Properties, Camphor Plays A Vital Role In Many Hindu Religious Practices.

    Lighting Camphor Before God Symbolizes That If We Burn Our Illusion Or Ego With The Fire Of True Knowledge, We Shall Merge With God, Leaving No Residue. One Of The Biggest Uses Of Camphor Is To Remove Negativeness. The Following Rituals Can Be Performed Using Camphor If You Feel An Evil Eye Has Impacted A Person Or A Home. Used In Weddings Havan In Hindu Marriages. In India Burning Of Camphor Denotes That The Individual Ego Melts Like The Camphor.


    • Best For Puja & Religious Ceremonies
    • Add Calmness & Serenity To The Environment
    • It Soothes Headaches And Toothache Pain
    • Can Be Mixed With Hair Oils, Good For Healthy Hair Growth
    • Its Smoke Purifies The Air And Cleanses The Environment
    • It Has Healing Properties And Can Be Used To Prevent Itching/Irritation In The Body

  • Product Code: Kapoor
Key Features
  • Havan Ritual
  • Festival Or During Puja
  • Remove Negative Energies
  • Its Smoke Purifies The Air And Cleanses The Environment

  • Width : 13.00 cm
    Height : 8.00 cm

    Material : Kapoor
    Package Include : 1 Package Of Kapoor

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